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Check out our newly released PorkMafia Retail Bottle Six Pack:

Six shaker-bottles of our most popular rubs and seasonings in 25oz bottles


Greekmafia is a classic Mediterranean, Greek Seasoning excellent on all things lamb, chicken, even mixed into salad dressing this one is a must have in your spice cabinet.


Arrachera skirt steak seasoning perfect for making tacos and any mexican dish. Traditional arrachera seasoning is rubbed into thinly sliced skirt steak and the longer it marinates, the more robust the flavor becomes. Porkmafia Bistecmafia tastes good on anything, try some today!

Memphis Mud

Porkmafia Memphis Mud is a BBQ rub made for pork, but it is great on chicken, fish and everything else we’ve tried it on. Blend the large flaky pieces of salt and honey crystals with other Porkmafia rubs to create your own flavor profiles. If you like candied bacon, lightly sprinkle brown sugar over your cooking bacon then add a sprinkle of Memphis Mud. You can thank me later!

Louisiana Bayou

Porkmafia Louisiana Bayou is true to its name, this rub is getting rave reviews from home users and BBQ judges alike. Creater Phil Wingo has helped win several Grand and Reserve Grand championships, and the find Louisiana Bayou is the most versatile rub. Excellent on everything, with a hint of heat to kick things up a notch, we guarantee you will love it!

Steak and Burger

Porkmafia Steak and Burger is a classic all purpose seasoning that is excellent under any of the Porkmafia rubs. It is perfect on steak, changes the game on your burgers and is a delicious seasoning for chicken and veggies as well. A classic blend of Salt, Garlic and Pepper with some other delicious seasonings thrown in.

Texas Gold

Porkmafia Texas Gold is the go to gold standard when cooking brisket or beef! This Texas Gold signature rub is a mustard-based rub, with a slight backend kick of heat, and can turn a cut of beef into something mouth-watering. Make your beef shine, and also give Texas Gold a try on chicken!

Price includes shipping anywhere in the USA!

All of these bottles are also sold separately.